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Sheet Metal Fabricator Apprentice

Job Summary:

You will work with Sr. Fabricators to perform duties involved in sheet metal fabrication in a safe, efficient, and professional manner that assures quality while meeting specified deadlines. You will support and work with other team members and help maintain, and build the Lean Culture at Metro Mechanical Supply.

Essential Functions:

  • MIG welding, brazing, and cutting of various metals using gas and electric welding equipment.
  • Understand details of work procedure, with tool and material requirements after receiving instructions, prints, and work orders for a job.
  • Assists with fabrication of signage by cutting, burning, and welding various metals.
  • Repairs signage by using various welding techniques and appropriate welding equipment.
  • Cleans and prepares surfaces to be welded then sets up, assembles and tacks weld parts.
  • Builds up worn or defective surfaces.
  • Uses burning equipment to dismantle assemblies and to cut material to size and shape.
  • Keeps equipment and work area clean and orderly.
  • Occasionally cut up or dismantle obsolete signage to be set aside for scrapping purposes.
  • Basic writing skills.
  • Assist with moving or storing materials.
  • Maintaining cross-team communication.
  • Complying with all OSHA and MOSH regulations.
  • Maintaining a clean, safe, organized, and disciplined work environment.
  • Performing any work-related tasks assigned to you by someone in your reporting structure.

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You can donwload the job application here:

Click here to download the job application (Metro Job Application)-PDF 66KB

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